There are many reasons to use workflow for organizations. It helps work procedures to flow systematically and automatically and it helps making business process better.

The following is 10 good reasons workflow can help your business

  1. Workflow helps the executives to be able to see the overall work procedure so non-value added processes can be eliminated. Adjusting or eliminating work process can make the job more efficient for example, some processes can be run in parallel in case of waiting in line for one another.
  2. Each task can be assigned to appropriate and qualified employee instead of assigning to any available employee that are free during the time which could result in the quality of product or service delivery
  3. Executives can pay more time to strategy or business planning to make the business grow instead of spending time solving operation problems on daily basis
  4. When planning the workflow, it helps preparing for unexpected consequences and have prepared solutions prior to the problems. This also ensure the working staff to work with confidence when facing problems that needs decisions, resulting in the quality of product or service delivered.
  5. Workflow helps answering questions such as
    • What are tasks to be done and who am I completing this tasks for
    • How much time do I need to spend on the assigned tasks
    • Who else is involved in the process
    • What will happen if I decide to do so and so…
  6. Workflow controls the work process as it is designed, making sure that each process will be done correctly and complete (especially works that can go wrong because of human errors). Each process must meet the requirements completely before passing on to the next process.
  7. Reducing the paperwork and document tracking, preventing mistakes and save time, able to pass on the task to the next tasks in line instantly with no bottle neck for works waiting to be picked up and passed on which could also be lost or forgotten during the process
  8. Helps understanding the whole process and able to track the progress instantly. Executives can see major processes and problems which might occur or the bottle neck process and able to handle and manage it from the beginning all the way to the end of the process
  9. Decisions once made by individual can now made through workflow system based on business information that support decision making
  10. Since the workflow information is stored on a database, all work procedure and progress is recorded, we are able to track for the who what when where and how.

In summary, workflow has great value for organization no matter which industry they are. The 10 benefits above are only part of the benefits of workflow that help the organizations working more efficiently, preventing problems and damages, save working time, reducing unnecessary tasks and use available human resources more efficiently.

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You will soon realize how much workflow can save your budget and help your organization to grow.