When BPM is used in organization, the work process within the organization will change into an automated system which effects organization change in many ways. The results make the organization to move forward efficiently.

More Work procedure transparency

      Problems for working officers when having to do tasks that have requirements in each processes with different procedure and conditions may confuse them resulting in back logs, unable to track works or leave the works unassigned because of the confusion.
      For the task owner who initiate the task, tracking for the progress might be difficult because the task has to go though many processes, the task may be distributed to many other working staff in different working stations. When an automated system is implemented, the problems above won’t be an issue. Each working staff knows what to do or to complete before passing on to the next process until the task is complete. Communication tools such as online chat or email is also available to communicate with the task owner or in case the working officer needs more information or supporting documents, making the task flows.
      The task owner or the officer that initiate the task can follow up his/her task progress at all time and can also communicate with the working staff directly and instantly.
      Executives or managers can inspect the effectiveness or efficiency to evaluate and adjust the work process to make the work faster and can better use the available human resources.

Organization Development Participation

      When your organization uses the BPM, all the work processes within the organization will unify the employees from all departments. Working with the automated system, employees from different departments can communicate using online chat asking for comments or opinions, including warning or recommendation about the working procedure and manage the work system.

Get the Best out of Your New Business Process Management System

      When you use the BPM, it will make the work process to flow rapidly, have better visibility and participation within the organization, resulting in organizational change. Executives can analyze the system to develop the staff and work process creatively. สมัครใช้บริการ Route2FLow® ฟรี You will soon understand that BPM will save your time and make you move faster.