RouteFlow®is the latest workflow software invented and developed for organizations that want to adjust the business process to maximize the work efficiency, bridging the confusion among staffs, help facilitate the work flows, keep up with the work progress at all time, be ahead of problems and able to soft it in time, reducing budget and work time. Applying RouteFlow® to your work is very easy, because the RouteFlow® designer is well aware of the problems using the workflow.

Problems using the workflow in your business

  • Applying workflow is difficult
    The process and configuration is very difficult to use. Most workflow system is designed for system developers to develop the system so it is difficult to use and have to spend more budget on the consultants to develop the system
  • Workflow adjustment is difficult
    Organizations that is growing has frequent work adjustments. Workflow software must support workflow adjustments
  • General workflows don’t do the resource sharing
    Resource sharing is vital and inevitable for making the organization work more efficiently and reducing the management costs
  • General workflows are difficult to track the work progress
    The ease of work progress tracking and not making the working staff feeling awkward, will make the executives able to handle problems and will guarantee the work success

RouteFlow® is designed to be able to use in real life, aimed to unify the organization and synergize collaboration with the following features

  • Workload sharing and resource sharing. In case of sick leave, available staff should be able to fill in the tasks
  • Engagement and collaboration
  • Responsibility sharing
  • Communication tools such as online chat or e-mail
  • Progress alert
  • Instant work progress follow up
  • Online notification in case of delayed work or urgent tasks
  • Able to adjust the work flow without interfering current ongoing tasks
  • Work on smart phones and mobile device
  • Work efficiency assessment